Affiliate Operations Guide

Welcome to the Mosaic Web Solutions Affiliate Network.

This Short Guide details the guidelines of operation as an Associate of Mosaic Web Solutions. Please note that "Associate" is the term used for a member of the Mosaic Affiliate Network.


  1. A Little about Mosaic Web Solutions
  2. What does being a Mosaic Associate mean?
  3. Affiliate privileges
  4. Services we provide to Mosaic Associates
  5. Commission Structure
  6. Referral Procedures

1. A Little about Mosaic Web Solutions

    Mission Statement: Our mission is none other than to change the way businesses currently think about the Internet, to revolutionalise the way that businesses operate everyday and give them a global vision.

    Our primary goal is to improve and expand the capabilities of our clients and achieve their objectives whilst remaining completely affordable to them.

    We aim to facilitate the fulfillment of our clients’ objectives by providing the expertise in marketing, design and programming necessary to work in such a dynamic medium as the Internet.


    Perth, Western Australia
    Mailing Address
    9 Pitt Court,
    Morley, WA

    Within Australia
    Phone No. (08) 9379 9298
    Fax No. (08) 9379 9298

    Phone No. +061 8 9379 9298
    Fax No. +061 8 9379 9298

    Sales Department

    For information about our web packages, or general sales enquiries such as payment methods and web hosting plans, please contact

    Marketing Department

    For information about our Affiliate program, or general advertising enquiries, such as advertising from our site or our client sites, please contact

    Enquiries and Information

    For any other enquiries, or if you seek further information on any other aspect of Mosaic Web Solutions, please contact

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