2. What does being a Mosaic Associate mean?

A Mosaic Associate or Affiliate is a member of the Mosaic Web Solutions Affiliate Network, a network of businesses which partner with Mosaic Web Solutions to gain discounts on Mosaic products and revenue through recommendations of Mosaic products.

Associates gain income from recommendations of Mosaic products to other businesses, as well as recommendations of the affiliate program to other businesses.

3. Affiliate Privileges

As an Associate of Mosaic you gain these privileges:

  1. A 5 percent discount from all web design package purchases from Mosaic Web Solutions
  2. A Commission for referrals made to Mosaic Web Solutions or the Mosaic Affiliate Network
  3. A Link into the Mosaic Web Solutions Affiliate page

4. Services we provide to Mosaic Associates

  • A 24 hour service/consultation hotline

    • If you have questions or problems in any website related area, the Affiliate Network, Mosaic Web Solutions or our website services/packages please call us any time of the day for immediate answers.

  • Free Website Analysis/Consultation Ė Contact us to arrange a free consultation and Analysis of your current website design

5. Commission Structure

Direct Commissions

As an Associate of Mosaic Web Solutions, you have the opportunity to gain income just by referring other companies to Mosaic products or to the Mosaic Affiliate Network.

We give a 5 percent commission on all referrals made to Mosaic Web Solutions products. If you recommend a business or person to us and they purchase any of our web products, we will immediately credit 5% of the gross amount purchased to your Associate Account on completion of their order. *

All you have to do is mention our name and products to any people or businesses you encounter. You can even show them a portfolio of our products, give them some of our brochures or provide them with some of your Affiliate Network business cards. Itís up to you what you want to do.

We provide all the resources for you to choose which approach you would like to take to recommend us to your clients.

Indirect Commissions

You may also choose to refer to us other businesses who would like to join the Mosaic Affiliate Network.

For referring other businesses to the Affiliate Network, we give you a 1 percent commission for any and all referral sales which those businesses make.

For example, if you introduce business XYZ to the Affiliate Network and business XYZ refers a customer wanting a website to Mosaic, you gain 1 percent of the gross amount of purchases made by that customer.

Itís just an extra reward we give you for helping the Mosaic Affiliate Network grow.

Payment Details

When the amount in your Associate Account reaches a value of $55 or above, you may request full or part payment*2 to be made to you.

Cheques are drawn and sent out on the 1st of every month to the mailing address provided to us in your Affiliate Network Application.

* Please note that order completion from point of purchase may take anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months depending on the complexity of the project.

*2 A debit of $3 to your account per cheque payment to you is made if a part payment is requested.

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