Mosaic Web Solutions consists of experienced professionals who are highly dedicated to their work. Our staff are highly skilled in their individual specialties because we love what we do!


Ga Vin Lee
Senior Partner

A deeply philosophical individual, GaVin's aim is to help the members of Mosaic achieve their true potential through the Internet path.

He believes that business reflects life - and thus must be followed with compassion and strength, with thought for one's allies and care for one's friends.

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Sam Yeates
Project Manager

Sam organises our creative units and programming teams into a cohesive whole to create all of out web products.

Enthusiastic and energetic, Sam is always happy to discuss technical and project related issues with our clients.

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Paul Bui
Creative Director

Paul is a person who appears completely atypical to the stereotype of the eccentric designer. However, his lack of eccentricity on the outside masks a far different interior.

Within himself, he holds deep passion for his work and his staff and his complete commitment to achieving his objectives. His bright and vibrant ideas, combined with his attention to detail, marks him out from the typical procession of colourful but personally dull designers.

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Matthew O’Donohue

Technical Manager

Matt's keen interest in all things technical, combined with his down to earth nature, make him the right guy to go to with any kind of problem. Matt loves a challenge, and is always willing to push the limit in making sure the needs of our clients are met.

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