Our portfolio is your window into Mosaic.

Embedded within our past projects is the creativity, energy and focus which we devote to each and every one of our clients.

Please take a look around and see what we do at Mosaic, and what we can do.

Globe Entertainment Complex

Mosaic was asked to create a series of templates for use in creating the Globe web site. Whilst the templates are no longer on the production site, they were used as a basis for future designs, and give a glimpse of the true creative nature of Mosaic designs.

Click to view the Globe templates.

Featured Clients


We were asked to create a sleek, attractive new design for whizhost.com, a high volume web site specialising in web hosting services. The result is a fast loading, modern looking web site that more than satisfied our clients needs.

Click to view whizhost.com

Aberdeen Lodge

The Aberdeen Lodge is a trendy backpackers hostel in the heart of Perth. They wanted a simple web site that would accurately reflect the easy going, fun loving nature of the hostel. They were more than happy with the result.

Click to view the Aberdeen Lodge site.

INC Online
The International Networking Club is a student club based at the University of Western Australia. A fundamental redesign and restructuring of their website was needed, as well as additional database features. They wanted a slick, professional yet fun look. We gave it to them.

Click here for the Website Design Notes

Canada Travel Direct
A direct translation of a brochure to the online world. We were asked to give the website a clean and simple look from which all the information would be readily available. The emphasis on this site was on making information accessible – that was the objective of our client.

Click here for the Website Design Notes

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