Canada Travel Direct

Canada Travel Direct is a branch of Mountain World Pty. Ltd., an Australian Tour operator which was seeking to convert their Canada and Alaska Travel Brochure into a website.

The specifications were that:

  • Information had to appear on the site formatted similarly to how it appeared in the 48 page A4 brochure .
  • All Information had to be accessible as quickly as possible, without a large amount of images within the webpages to clutter up text download times.
  • The site had to look clean and simple and be compatible with most browsers
  • The site had to be completely usable, with emphasis on functionality as a priority.
  • Meta tags were to be used effectively to promote the site and submission to major search engines had to be conducted

The website was completed on schedule and launched on the 7/2/2000.

The response from our client after seeing the site?

"…you have very quickly prepared a very comprehensive web site which more than meets our expectations. Great value, great service!"

Contact Details for Canada Travel Direct

The Managing Director of Mountain World Pty. Ltd. is Brian Kusel.

If you would like to contact Mr Kusel regarding the Canada Travel Website, or his satisfaction with Mosaic Web Solutions, please contact him via:



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